The Sun

Isn’t the sun a glorious creation?!! There are different suns, I have discovered. There is the Florida sun which shines brightly and illuminates everything with its yellowy warmth. It pours down on you and fills you with light and hope and happiness. It is beautiful.

And then there is the midwest sun. Sometimes it likes to come out. When it feels like it. It is usually pale and can add some warmth to the day. Unless you live in Chicago. In April. And then the sun hides behind clouds filled with rain. And you long for it to come out.

I miss the sun.

Feeding the ducks at the lake. In the sun.

I love how fuzzy Zakkai looks in the sun. His hair so blond. His eyes so blue.

The sun inspires things like picnics. Blowing bubbles. Naps.
Thank you, God, for making the sun. Can you bring it back out again?

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