Feeding Alligators

I loved this sign in Florida! It freaked the boys out a bit to think of alligators nearby but unfortunately we didn’t see any. Maybe next time!

Speaking of gators, the boys have said some funny things lately. Samuel was frustrated with Zakkai telling him not to do something the other day and he burst out, “Zakkai! Don’t tell me what I don’t want to do because I want to do what I want to do!!” It took me a minute to sort through that:) I’m not sure Zakkai ever did…

Zakkai said something so mixed up the other day and it was super funny. Unfortunately, I forget what it is!! I told myself to write it down…. It would’ve been good, I promise!

He is mister ‘tude lately. When he gets mad (usually at Ben), he will turn his face away and squeeze his eyes shut and say, “I am not looking at you!!!” It is very hard not to laugh at him because he looks so cute doing it!

We had some White Chili last night that had corn in it. Samuel thinks he hates corn (which he does unless it’s corn on the cob! Go figure…) so he refused to eat it which led to Zakkai refusing to eat it, too. I looked at Zakkai and said, “You just ate corn last night in your vegetables!!” But that was too logical so that didn’t work. Then Samuel picked up his spoon and tried a teensy weeny bite and declared the soup “good!” We had a very enlightening discussion on corn and different foods that are made from corn that they like. And before you know it, Zakkai picked up his spoon and nibbled on a bean first, then a piece of chicken and then…he tried a kernel of corn (which we told him not to eat~reverse psychology!) and before you know it, he inhaled the whole bowl!

Children! I will remember this one day when they are teenagers with insatiable appetites, eating everything in sight!


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