Spelling Bee

The other day, Samuel didn’t have school so we planned a last minute, though long desired, trip to Ikea! The boys really like Ikea and truth be told, so do I:) I really only had one thing in mind that I have been wanting for the boys for a long time and since we rarely have a whole weekday off, I decided to go ahead and get it!

The boys were in awe of the gigantic letters spelling Ikea and Samuel, who is really doing a great job of reading and sounding out words these days, had a great time spelling it.

He even spelled it again for Daddy once we got home:) And speaking of spelling, the item I got will help with that tremendously!

A chalkboard/dry erase board/drawing board!! Needless to say, my dinner preparations were peaceful and quiet that evening:) Before and during dinner, Ben would write out different words for Samuel to sound out and read. He LOVED doing that and has been begging to do it since and wants to read books, too!! I knew that $15 was well-spent!

And one of the nicest perks? Besides some peace and quiet, of course…..is that sometimes I come out and there are sweet messages written from the hubby to me:)

Maybe that’s what I was really aiming for all along! 😉

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