The Thomas Bump

Today is my officially official day of announcing:

That Thomas Bump #3 is on the way!!!

Our little gift is 11 wks today and we got to celebrate by hearing his/her heartbeat!! Even the boys got to hear it and couldn’t figure out what in the world that sound was and why it was so fast!

Today also marks (OH Please, dearest Lord!!) the countdown to feeling better? Sigh. 5 1/2 weeks now of terrible nausea, constant gagging and exhaustion. But I am thankful for every minute of it because I know that little heartbeat is working hard in there! I remember that when I wake up in the morning and walk down the hallway and gag. Say goodmorning to the boys and gag. Think about, walk near or in the kitchen and gag. Open the refrigerator and gag. Brush my teeth and gag. And on and on! Gag…

Even though my gagging makes Ben laugh (well, he has endured a lot of it and sometimes it’s at funny times!!) and the boys have had to put up with mommy not being quite herself for awhile, I am so thankful! I have consumed mass amounts of crackers, toast and peanut butter AND (get this!) practically NO chocolate. I know. I am really hoping that chocolate thing will end quickly. I wouldn’t want my poor child to not have the pleasure of tasting chocolate while it’s growing!

And so because I cannot hide my gagging or sipping on gingerale or my newly showing “bump”any longer, I share with you that we are thrilled to be expecting Thomas Bambino #3 in the fall, my favorite season! What a Gift!


2 thoughts on “The Thomas Bump

  1. YAY!!!! Even though I already knew, this is so so so exciting…you have a pretty sweet track record with the first two, so bambino #3 is destined for greatness (or cuteness..or both 😀 ) congratulations again!


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