Working out and Crazy Boys

Confession Time: I have really really fallen short on my workout sessions since January. I do, however, have some really great excuses! Let’s see……stomach flu, colds, mouth surgery, pregnancy and all of the joyous 1st trimester symptoms! I think that about covers it! So my working out has been very sporatic.

But! I am determined to take care of myself during this pregnancy better than ever before! With Samuel, we walked a few times a week, especially in the few months before he came. With Zakkai, I was chasing a toddler and I happen to think that counts for something! But since Zakkai, i have gotten in better shape than ever before in my life (thanks to Jillian!) I would like to continue that trend to have a health pregnancy and hopefully, quick recovery afterwards!

So, I started looking online for a pregnancy workout video, something that I would feel safe doing during the next several months. I ended up choosing this:

Summer Sanders’ Prenatal Workout. It got good reviews and I liked that it is divided into the 3 trimesters so you can do what’s right for your body during that time! I tried it for the first time today!

Summer is doing the video with her sister-in-law, who is a professional trainer. I found the exercises to not be too strenuous (is anything strenuous compared to Jillian Michaels??!!) but definitely good for keeping up what I’ve worked so hard to get! I am posting this because I know that at least 2 of my friends who read this (and you know who you are!!!) are also having babies this fall and thought they might be interested! Will keep you posted on my progress of trying not to turn into Shamoo by November!:)
Moving on to Crazy Boys. I thought I was absolutely going to lose it yesterday. It was one of those mothering days, or afternoons really, where I was ready to start applying for 3 year old boot camp for Zakkai!!

It started with him peeing on the floor (approx 4 minutes after he assured me he did not have to go potty) and making a mess of it, then later refusing to go potty again and throwing his toys in protest, followed by time-out where he refused to sit where I placed him, in which he told me I was “bad”……….I was SO upset with him. I finally stuck him in his room while I continued my mad frenzy of cleaning for Thursday housegroup. He got quiet after a few minutes and called out, “Mommy! I’m ready to be a nice boy!” and then when I told him he needed to wait and I would be there in a minute to have a talk with him, he immediately screamed, “You’re BAD!!!!”

Daddy had the wonderful fortune of coming home right at this point and thankfully helped me finish dealing with Z’s attitude. THEN, I stick the boys at the table for dinner, during which Zakkai threw his food on the floor in protest of finishing it, picked it all up and then ate it (I did not tell him to do that!!) after being threatened with no strawberry shortcake for dessert (which he didn’t get anyways). THEN he proceeded to dump the rest of his dinner all over the table. (Meanwhile, Samuel was being an angel child the whole afternoon, cleaning up without being asked, gobbling up his dinner, listening well….one out of two ain’t bad, I guess!)

By the time dinner was over, I asked Ben to take him away from me for a few minutes because I was smokin’! Zakkai was sent to bed without strawberry shortcake and without a story. He has promised to be a good boy today with the hopes that he may yet get to taste some strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight.

We shall see.

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