The weekends always rush by and before I am ready, it is time for the busy week again! I had high hopes at the end of last week that I was on the upward swing from morning/all day sickness. I had 3 whole days of feeling better (not great but better!!) and that ended when I threw up Friday night. I am really hoping this will be the week I start to feel human again!

Zakkai was much better this weekend after his afternoon of terror on thursday! Oh and a bit of an attitude problem yesterday morning…..but other than that! On friday I was teasing Samuel in a game that we play together, that we were going to have ladybugs for dinner. Samuel, knowing it was a joke, said, “Ew! They would be juicy!” I looked in the rearview mirror to see Zakkai looking very concerned. He said, “Mommy. Mommy, I don’t want to eat ladybugs for dinner! They would make my mouth prickle!” He was very relieved to know I was joking:)

The boys have been playing SO nicely together lately! They spend large amounts of time building train tracks or racing cars around the house. I love when they play happily with minimal fighting. It’s so fun to hear them make up stories and tell each other where to drive or what to do.

The boys and my grandparents in Florida!

Our one picture in Florida with all 4 of us:)

We have quite the busy week ahead of us! One thing I am looking forward to is Samuel’s student-parent conference on Wednesday. He gets to show us the things he has been learning in school and what he likes to play with. He always feels so proud to share these things with us! He has been drawing a lot more pictures, something he did NOT like to do when he first started school. He usually likes to draw pics of our family.

Last Sunday, Samuel came home with his most recent family pic that he drew during church. It was our family walking together, holding hands. Zakkai was on the end standing with me (since he cannot walk by anyone else!), then next to me was Ben. In between Ben (who was HUGE) and Samuel, was a teeny tiny person. It was the baby! When questioned, he told us that he drew the baby in between daddy and Samuel so they could protect the baby! Isn’t that sweet?! Melted our hearts, for sure:) His picture is on the refrigerator, needless to say!


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