Recipes and Pictures

Somehow in between watching 2 extra children for 4 hours and feeling nauseous (the story of my life), I managed to make dinner. *clap, clap, cheer!* Dinner-making hasn’t been high on my list in the past couple of months so I’m rather pleased with myself when I do attempt it:) Whether it be macaroni and cheese or Sausage Gumbo Soup with Homemade Oatmeal Bread!!

And now that Ben can smell again, it’s so nice when he walks in from a hard days’ work, sniffs appreciatively and says, “Something smells good!” Even if it doesn’t smell good to me….

I think I only gagged twice while chopping all the veggies! Please don’t let that deter you from trying this soup:)

Sausage Gumbo Soup
2 stalks celery, diced
1 medium carrot, diced
1 small-med yellow pepper, diced
1/2 med green pepper diced
onion, minced (I am never a good judge of onion amount, considering I just starting using real onion in the past year!!)
1/4 cup flour
2-3 cups chicken broth
1/2-1 lb turkey kielbasa or turkey sausage, sliced
1 can petite diced tomatoes, undrained
seasoning (I used a few shakes of garlic powder, Mrs Dash Table Blend and a little bit of Garlic and Herb)

1. Saute veggies in oil until tender. Stir in flour (will coat veggies). Add chicken broth and bring to a boil. Stir until mixture thickens. Add sausage, tomatoes with juice and seasonings. Cook on low until soup is heated through.
*Or after chicken broth stage, transfer to a crockpot, add rest of ingredients and cook on LOW for 3 hrs

*Serve with homemade bread!!
As requested, here is a picture of Samuel’s drawing I mentioned in last night’s post:) Even if Ben isn’t quite as big as I remembered, I am impressed at Samuel’s accurate sizing of each family member!!
In order: Zakkai, Me, Ben, Baby, Samuel:)

While he has progressed to hair, arms, hands and legs, people don’t have bodies yet:) I love his drawings!!

We took care of a friend’s children this afternoon. Her youngest is a little over a year and a half old and very cute. Samuel watched him throughout dinner and then said to me, “Mommy, J is SO cute!! He even eats cute every time!” I think he’ll do a great job with the new baby in the fall!:) Zakkai might be a different story….


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