Samuel’s Artwork

After a very long and disappointing day (long story), we at least had a good ending. Samuel’s school put on and “Enchanting Evening of Art” show today. The preschool gallery had auctions for their works of art to raise money for more art supplies. If you wanted to “bid” on or buy a special work of art (namely..your child’s masterpiece!!), you put any amount of money (a quarter to a few dollars or whatever you had!) in plain envelopes and gave them to the teachers. In return, you received a post-it note with the words “Sold” and then your child’s name on it to put on the art.

Samuel was SO excited all day to go, asking from 11:00am on if it was time and it didn’t start til 3:30pm:) Here are Samuel’s masterpieces!

The class did a unit on Eric Carle these past couple of months and each child made one of the characters in his books.

Samuel chose the Tree Frog and cut it all out and painted the pieces;) He was very excited to show us this one!

We bought it:)

He told us this was his favorite painting of the 3 that he did. This is “Lightening McQueen” from the Cars movie~his very favorite movie!

This was Samuel’s painting of Kevin, who is a crane from Thomas and Friends. This one was my favorite! He wanted to take it home today:)

I was so happy to have remembered my camera today and finally got pics of Samuel with his teachers! This is Mrs Torres, one of the sweetest people ever! She is so gentle with the children. As you can see, Zakkai loves her, too:)

This is Mrs Darby. She is incredibly gifted as a teacher and won a big award last year! Samuel was being very shy and didn’t want to get a picture so she tricked him by telling him a secret to get him to come over. He still won’t tell me what she said….

I am so thankful that he has had such a great first year of school! We couldn’t have been more blessed with better teachers and a better fit for him. Thank you, Lord!

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