Patience is a Virtue

These cute little urchins….

But particularly this one…

are driving me batty! I love them to smithereens and wouldn’t trade one second with them for anything in the world (even a Honda Odyssey 2010; haha!) but….there have been plenty of days lately that they have tested my limits! Especially that adorable 3 year old of ours.

I am pretty sure he skipped the terrible 2’s and went straight for the trying 3’s. He loves to test his limits and assert his independence and a whole lot of other things! He tells us “NO!” regularly and throws in a few other words, too.

For example: (and some of you have already heard this!)

I asked Z to do something the other day and he immediately yelled, “NO!” So, I told him he would be getting a time out for talking to me like that….to which he responded, “Poo!”

I stuck him in the room with Ben so I could get things done while he was serving his time. Ben reported that he looked around the room as he was thinking of the worst possible thing he could say to show us how mad he was. He came up with something brilliant.

“Dirtiness!” he declared with defiance! Right.

And his words aren’t the only thing he has been doing. Resisting finalizing his potty training, instead preferring to continue playing and peeing on the floor, starting to lie and blame many things on Samuel, taking toys….he has also developed genuine fears of ghosts, monsters and the dark and refuses to go into his room unless the light is on. Refusing to walk with anyone but me outside and throwing spectacular tantrums about it…

I love this child of mine. I adore him. I cherish him. But I really am about to send him to boot camp!

But it’s hard to be mad long. In fact, sometimes he’s very funny when he’s defiant and it’s hard for B and I not to show him our smiles. And your heart melts in his softer moments where he hugs you, kisses you or just wants to be near you. But especially when I look at his deceptively angelic face when he is slumbering peacefully.

And I tell myself, tomorrow is a new day.


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