Julie and Julia

Yesterday=busy=no time for blogging:) I raced around running errands with Z while waiting for S to be done with school, came home and cleaned and started dinner preparations, had dinner for/with a friend who is moving away on Saturday morning, blew many goodnight kisses to my sweet boys and then went to another friend’s house for Girl’s Night! I highly recommend having Girl’s Nights. Especially when you rarely get to see girls. Because you have kids. And they are boys. Ahem.

I was so looking forward to the Girl’s Night all week (a chance to escape for awhile? And watch a girly movie? Count me in!!) We watched Julie & Julia, which I had never seen but have heard great things about. I really liked it!

One thing I absolutely love about movies “based on true stories” (even though you know Hollywood mostly butchers them) is that there is a real story out there to learn about! I almost always become interested enough to do a little internet research and find out what the real people were like or what the true story was. I only briefly looked up Julie and Julia and already found a link to the original blog that started the whole thing. (I was going to post it but…)She’s….different than the movie. I would not recommend reading the blog before watching the movie! As a matter of fact, just don’t read the blog at all…

And not only did we watch a girly movie and snack on yummy food (well, I looked at the food and wished I was hungry, anyway….) but we all pulled out various crafty projects we are working on! I decided to bring one of 437 of my current projects, one that I hope to finish soon: a sweater for my newest nephew:)

Now if only I can finish before he turns 5……..


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