Saturday bits n’ pieces

We were eating dinner (sort of tacos) and I was making Z a second tortilla and put beans and cheese on it. I handed it to him and he cocked his head and said, “Hmmm. Ferhap, I didn’t want cheese on this one.” But then again, considering he ate it, perhaps he did:)
Found the golden treasure of boxes in a big dumpster on our way home this afternoon! These boxes are filling up quickly. The boys helped me get some stuff done today; packing a few toys up (while I secretly tossed some misc ones…shhhhh..). And then I lifted a box that I shouldn’t have and got scolded by Daddy. I learned my lesson and I’m lucky I didn’t get a time-out….
Ben got to feel the baby for the first time yesterday! Once in the morning and three times in the evening! He was really happy:) I am so thankful everytime I feel a little nudge, push, kick or thump. I have no idea what is going on in there but it is amazing!
We have been blessed with so much help for this move! So many friends offering to help pack and so many willing to come help us move on Saturday. We are so thankful.
And speaking of thankful, at night before the boys go to bed, we have been asking them to tell us something they are thankful for that day so we can thank Jesus. They hem and they haw for a few minutes like it’s so hard to think of something and then they say sweet things like, “I am thankful that the baby is getting strong” or “I am thankful for the sunny day” or “I am thankful for the friends helping us move:)”

We have a lot to be thankful for! I am thankful for homemade ice cream and I’m going to go eat some now!

My Hired Help

You know what? We’ve got packing under con-trol over here! Wanna see?

Wait, I packed up Zakkai! I knew I was getting a little crazy!

“I can stack up all these boxes, mommy! See how tall I am?”

“Great! Now you can help me pack up some of your toys, boys! Boys? Boys?”

Oh, right. You thought I said “play” with the boxes…

Wow, you guys are such a great help! I’m so glad I asked! Let’s go outside and play for a bit, boys! C’mon! Get your shoes…“How about in a couple hours, mommy? We’re busy!” (actual quote)

I just went in to do my nightly boy check and found Zakkai soaking wet! I had accidentally forgotten to put his night time diaper on. He has improved SO much with potty training (we are officially publically trained now!) and wears his undies everywhere and stays dry at nap. But obviously we are not ready for night time yet. I stripped him and as I was putting on his diaper and getting new jammies on, he said sleepily, “What are you doing, mommy?” I briefly whispered that I was changing him and forgot to put his diaper on. To which he replied, ” Mommy, mommy, Curious George was putting apple juice in different jars.”
Right. Even I, who has quite the spaghetti brain, fail to see the connection in that one!

The Packin’ Machine!

I made a fatal mistake yesterday. I went to the library. By myself.

See, I thought I needed a few books since I often get back to S’s school early from running errands and have a little bit of time to read. But now I just want to read and I don’t want to pack!

I’ve read 2 books since yesterday and had to force myself to get up and pack tonight! It’s just one of those things that you put off but once you get started you can get into a rhythm.

I am collecting quite a pile of things to give away or perhaps throw away. That CD that my college friends from my dorm hall made for me before I left with possibly a Backstreet Boy song on it? See ya! The Rachel Ray cookbook with ingredients no one has ever heard of except her and Emeril? In the pile! Old plastic Tupperware that’s been collecting dust in the cabinet? Tossed!

I’m feeling freer and freer! I’m mean, really, when is the last time we played ‘Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit’? Am I really going to cook from that Anne of Green Gables cookbook for little girls that I have been carting with me from state to state? Am I going to wear those specially dyed shoes from the wedding I was in 7 years ago again? Not a chance! I’m trying really hard to be realistic!

Toys are another story. I have to get rid of those in secret places, under the cover of night. Even toys the boys haven’t touched in months or longer..if they spot them in the give away pile or worse yet, the trash! They suddenly have a renewed love for it. “Oh yes! I’ve missed that McDonald’s robot!” 

I’m sorting and tossing left and right! Getting carried away even! What? You wanted to keep that old picture of us, Ben? We’ll take a new one! Boys, boys, I know we just bought that last month but it’s all in the name of saving space! You’ll get over it!

I’m like a packing machine all of the sudden! Filled with inexplicable energy and the desire to live a simpler lifestyle! Tossing! Recycling! Donating! I’ve turned over a new leaf! It’ll be so easy from here on out! I’m….

I’m…I’m so excited to do it again tomorrow. Really.

Motivation..or lack thereof..

It’s very hard to find the motivation to pack, even with barely over 10 days til the move! These two certainly don’t help!

They are much too busy playing, coloring on the boxes, begging to take them apart and sail away on them like ships…

I most definitely can’t count on them for help! Ben has great ideas occasionally to get packing….and then he goes off and starts checking email or playing his guitar or writing his dissertation… Magical Packers? Are you out there?

Well, I’m sure it’ll get done by next weekend, right?! Right…


The boys and I went to help a friend (well, they went along to play:) and walked probably 2 miles this afternoon! Thankfully, it wasn’t 92 like it was yesterday. Those boys were worn out tonight. And so was I! Ben was recording music while we were trekking through the Chicago streets. Yes, recording! He and the band he is part of through church, plus another group from another church are recording a CD and have been working hard. They sound SO good! I will be sure to post any clips if I can find any…


Ben has been dying to feel the baby move but everytime I call him over to feel the tiny thump…the baby stops! He just tried again and said, “It’s like as soon as I put my hand on you, the baby decides to take a nap! zzzzz..” haha. As I was writing this, I told Ben the baby was kicking again and he said, “You know what? the baby is saying ‘bring the big hand back so I can go to sleep!’ ” Besides tricking daddy, this little boy/girl loves music already! I went to Ben’s gig on Friday night and I hadn’t felt the baby much over the previous couple of days because I had been so busy but as soon as I sat down and the music started playing (loudly), the baby had a jam fest in there! Future music lover? We will see!

Well, I am off to put myself and my jitterbug to sleep:)


Sorry I didn’t post a lot in the past few days. It was an extremely busy end of the week and a really tough weekend for me so I didn’t have enough “juice” left for blogging:)

Yesterday it was 90 degrees out but we headed over to the park to watch Daddy play Ultimate Frisbee anyways and treated our friends with popsicles! I never knew popsicles (or “popstickles” as the boys say) could make grown men so happy! I was their best friend for about 5 minutes! 🙂

Here are some pics of my favorite boys:

Playing fetch:) I threw the frisbee…they fetched it.

The frisbee-ers who braved the humid scorching heat.

After many attempts at a brother shot, I finally got this one that I love!

My ornery boy:)

My sweet picture poser:)

Our New Home!

Thought you might like a few sneak preview pics of our new home to be 2 weeks from today (yikes!)!! We met one of our landladies today and got the keys. She is an extremely sweet older polish lady who adored the boys on sight…which, of course, is a great way to a mother’s heart! haha. I would’ve loved her anyways:) She welcomed us so warmly and genuinely!

The front of our new apartment house:) We are on the 2nd floor.

The kitchen, which is really spacious! However, is sadly lacking much counter space~there is only one counter space next to the stove. I’m sure we can find a way around it though! And did I mention there is a pantry! I’m in love:)

The big window in the “dining room” area.

Looking from the dining room into the living room. It’s really just one big open room.

The front porch! And Ben laying down our very strict porch rules:) The landladies are so concerned with the boys’ safety that they are getting estimates for putting extra railing on top of the ledge!

We finally nailed down some moving details today like the moving truck, etc, which felt good. I am collecting a decent stash of boxes, although I know I will need tons more. It’s amazing how quickly you can fill up a box!

Everytime we have seen the apartment or signed our lease, we feel more and more peaceful about this move and feel that it will be really good! We are looking forward to having our friends and family come visit though…hint, hint:)

Thank You

I just wanted to say Thank You tonight! For reading this blog, even when I have nothing interesting to say most of the time and no pictures because I can’t find the time to empty my camera…. I have such great ambitions of being a great writer but I feel like there is something inside of me, all locked up, that is waiting to be released. Thanks for putting up with all the silly things I write while my creativeness is “in prison.” 🙂

It really encourages me to see that people actually read it! I really look forward, each evening, to logging on and seeing how many people actually peeked at my nothing-blog and hoping, just hoping that there might be a comment:)

Makes my day! YOU make my day.