Miscellaneous Weekend!

I know I’ve been a picture dud lately but I finally figured out that my memory card is full and had popped out of the camera, leaving only space for pictures on the camera memory. Guess I need to make a CD! (Note to self: add to this week’s errand list!)

Z and I are feeling much better albeit still congested. We felt crummy for 1 day and I am so glad that was it! I heard that this was a terrible allergy spring and am wondering if this is the reason I am feeling even more congested tonight. And I don’t even have allergies! I don’t think anyways…

Ready for Miscellaneous?

Saying goodbye to our friend and children’s pastor, Miss Athaliah. She is loved by many, many children in this neighborhood!

Zakkai drew his first letter the other day! A very long letter “P” πŸ™‚ He was very proud and immediately wanted to erase it and draw it again!

Nothing like occupying children with stickers!

Samuel ended up making a card for himself:)

Yesterday we went out to the park and practiced baseball with the boys and had a picnic lunch! It was really nice. Until Zakkai got terrified of ants and was afraid they were going to come eat all of our food. And maybe us, too:)

Zakkai is in a phase of fearfulness. He is afraid of so many things, ridiculous, imagined or real! After we closed the door to their bedroom tonight, he immediately started calling for me and was in tears by the time I came in. He hiccupped out that the window was torn. I have no idea why that would scare him but it did nonetheless! He also mentions “ghosts” quite frequently and can either be pretending or scared of them. Ghosts are apparently everywhere! They are outside, in the bedrooms, coming down the hallway, in the trashcan, the closet, the window, his pocket…..It doesn’t matter how many times we explain to him that there are no ghosts, he still persists in talking about them! I don’t even think he knows what a ghost is….

We’ve had a lot of fun though taking the boys outside since it was a nice weekend. Little boys should be playing outside often! I can’t wait to have a backyard someday:) We went to watch Ben play Ultimate Frisbee with some church friends this afternoon. The boys went prepared with their own frisbee and lots of energy to cheer for daddy and their favorite friends Mr J and Ms D:) Samuel kept yelling at Ben to “run faster so you can catch the frisbee!!” Samuel could hardly keep his eyes open at bedtime:)

Oh and we hope to continue and finish our alphabet weeks starting this week! I had to take a “short” leave of absense from creativity while I was feeling under the weather…. BUT. I am starting to feel SO much better! I actually felt a spurt of energy on Friday and had no nausea all day! I was only a little nauseous off and on yesterday and today but I can feel the winds of change coming. Thank you, Lord!! 14 weeks on Tuesday:)


2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Weekend!

  1. so fun to see you all yesterday! J and I were laughing because we kept hearing S say something from the sidelines that sounded like, “Mr J has hairy legs with strawberry sauce!” maybe we missed a few words there? πŸ™‚ yay for 14 weeks! You're doing great!


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