Well, I spoke far too soon the other day when I was thankful that this little ole’ cold wasn’t so bad! Ben and I have gone into sinus infections and Zakkai is SO congested! At least we had a couple of months reprieve before we got sick again! And Samuel, the little booger who started this all? He’s just fine!!

Speaking of Samuel…he has been asking lots and lots of questions about the baby, especially since my good friend had twins almost 2 weeks ago and he saw how tiny they are! He wants to know what the baby is doing now and if it has bones. He wants to know how big the baby will be and if he can carry it around. He’s very curious (and a little concerned) about if the baby is going to “POP” out of my stomach when he/she is ready. I haven’t quite figured out a good way to talk about that…..It’s really fun to experience this with an older child this time. I bet he will remember his brother or sister’s birth when he gets older! I have faint memories of visiting my mom at the hospital after my younger sister was born and I was only 3!

The boys will randomly say things like, “Um, mommy? I think it’s time for the baby to come. ” And I say, “Ohhhhhh no! We still have a lot of time for the baby to cook!” “Cook, mommy?” “Haha. It’s just an expression, boys. The baby is growing, growing, growing!”

And Samuel likes to touch my belly (which is growing larger by the minute!) and laugh and say, “There’s a little tiny baby in there!” And when he saw Summer Sanders on my exercise video yesterday, who is wearing a little sports bra and pants and bearing her 7 mos belly for all to see, he looked a little alarmed and asked what was wrong with her! I almost felt embarassed to say that that would be me before long!

Of course, if I keep growing at this rate, it won’t be long at all….. I am off to do some more growing and hopefully some sleeping so I can feel better soon!

My boys almost exactly 1 year ago! I cannot believe how much they have grown! I’d better stop looking before I cry…


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