What I hear

(May 2009)

I hear little voices all day long talking, talking, talking… I hear noises, I hear many things! This is some of what I hear:

*When I wake up in the morning, I hear giggles and bangs and the boys calling to each other to make sure they are both awake.

*Sometimes as I am taking a shower in the morning, the door will burst open and I will say, “Hello? Who’s there?!” Then I hear little voices saying, “We have to go potty, mommy!” And I hear giggles and the toilet flushing and whispering while they wash their hands. Then I hear the door slam on their way out.

*I hear little boys always asking for “more, more, more!” at breakfast time to fill up their hollow legs.

*I also hear little “pleeeeeeaaaaases” and “thank you’s” and it’s the nicest of all when they are unprompted!

*I hear screams and yells when the boys are fighting over toys and following my intervention, I hear “I’m sorry’s!”

*I hear “Mommy, you look SO pretty today!” out of the blue sometimes:)

*I hear their laughter out on the playground as they run like they’ve just been freed from prison!

*I hear questions all day long. “Mommy, why, why, why???!”

*My favorite is hearing “I love you” when I am leaving or they are going to bed and sometimes all on their own, they will run up to me and tell me that;) It makes my day!

*I hear Samuel learning how to read and sound out words. I hear the joy in his voice at his accomplishments.

*I hear Zakkai’s babyish little boy voice and I treasure the sound of his words and his giggles.

*I hear the soft pounding of their feet as they run down the hallway or through the living room. And I hear the sound of little cars and trains being driven all over the house!

*I hear the happy splashing of bathwater at nighttime and the happy chatter that accompanies it.

*I hear the sucking of little fingers each night during story time which means the day is drawing to a close and little boys are ready to rest their ever-busy minds and bodies.

*I hear soft deep breathing when I go in to check on them and cover them up before I lay down.

All day long I hear noises and sometimes I want to cover my ears and run away! But most of the time, I find my heart swelling with thankfulness over my two little gifts that fill my house and my ears with life and sound. And I am thankful I can hear.


3 thoughts on “What I hear

  1. Do you know that I look forward to reading your blog every night before I go to bed? Thank you for this poetic post that helps us all realize how much we have to be thankful for.


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