My boys

My Oldest:

*Loves to read but when he does, he flails his body all around and won’t sit still and it drives me crazy!
*Loves to learn, just like his daddy:)
*Insists on having haircuts because he doesn’t like long hair
*Wants to stay in preschool forever
*Is very excited to turn 5 this summer (I can’t face it yet) and it breaks my heart to think about how big he is getting.
*Is such a sweet boy!
*Loves to earn stickers and prizes
*Also loves the fact that he is taller than Z and can run faster “because he is 4.”
*Is obsessed over germs at the moment and wants me to spray down all their toys.
*Loves crepes and could eat them every day if I had the patience to make them that often!
*Is picky and particular but I love him anyways:)
*Won’t eat the “crust” of cucumbers, sausages or kielbasa and nibbles out the inside. Like a rabbit.
*Asked me if, when I used my new flower pen he gave me for Mother’s Day, I think of him:)
*Is beautiful! Or handsome, if you’re picky.

My Youngest (for now):

*Randomly walks around in his underwear or naked and thoroughly enjoyed playing in his undies and new shoes this morning!

*Is ridiculously funny and I wish I remembered all of his funny sayings throughout the day.

*Insists that he is as tall as Samuel because he is a “big boy!!” darn it! He was very upset to learn that he is a little shorter….and younger. It’s tough being the little brother!

*Told daddy that he had a baby bruvver growing in his tummy but has since denied that claim.

*Is going to leave my “nest” in the fall for preschool:( Why, oh why do my babies have to grow up?!!

*Chewed a mouthful of greenbeans for 38 minutes tonight and insisted he could not swallow them. I finally gave in and let him spit them out. Disgusting.

*Gave me a kiss to try to bribe me the other day. That little stinker!

*Is adorable!


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