Stranger Danger!

So. I inadvertently brought up the “stranger” subject with the boys, which is not a good idea when you’re not prepared! I had gotten a late start getting ready on Friday b/c we had no school and had the boys watch a cartoon so I could take a shower (I know…). I closed the bathroom door and then had the thought that I should warn the boys not to open the door if anyone should knock! Zakkai has opened the door a few times before I could get there.
I went out and told my buddies that if anyone should knock at the door, they should come get mommy or daddy whether they knew the person or not. When I returned from getting ready, we talked about it again. I told the boys that a “stranger” is someone that you don’t know and Samuel said, “Yea! A stranger is mean!”
I said, “Well, no, sometimes strangers are nice but we don’t know if they are nice or mean so we have to be careful.” Then I decided to test him. I asked him if a stranger came up to him and said, “Come here, little boys, I have some nice candy for you!” What should he do? He barely hesitated and came back with, “I would tell them NO and run back and tell mommy and daddy!” Way to go, Samuel!
Meanwhile, Zakkai is hanging around my legs and I’m not sure how much of the stranger talk is really soaking in (because he can only focus on one thing at a time!) and Zakkai looks up and says, “And and and if a stranger knocks at the door, I will get my robot (a toy he got for his bday that makes laser shooting noises) and shoot the stranger!!” I was kind of taken aback and had to quickly tell him that, no, we don’t shoot strangers. (at least not in our house…)
And then we had to talk about strangers off and on for the rest of the day because once you open up a subject with the boys…you mine as well block off a whole weekend to let them get it out of their systems!
So beware, strangers, if you come a’ knockin’….Zakkai just might shoot you!

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