Inspector Gadget

May 2006~ Samuel was 10 mos old:) Doesn’t he look funny sitting on the laptop case?!

*Today started out frantic but ended quietly. Daddy did the preschool run for me and I spent the morning with the Z-man:) It’s so nice for me to have that break once a week! We had university inspectors coming this morning so I woke up bright and early to tackle the 7 loads of laundry I didn’t fold or put away yesterday, plus cleaning the kitchen, dressing and feeding the ducklings and myself, etc! I was so stressed to get it all done by 9am as they were supposed to come somewhere between 9 and 11am and I was just sure they would be knocking at 9:01.

They came at 11:05am. Isn’t that the way it always is??! I had to apologize for the ransacked state of my home. We are pulling out everything, tossing and organizing, packing, etc. It was a bit embarassing to have 4 people tramping through the apt with clipboards, silently making notations! I had this terrible fear that they were going to tell us we had ruined the place but I know that’s silly since we take very good care of it!

I went through my memory box last night, determined to get rid of some of the stuff I have saved and stuff it in a smaller container. It was hard for me to let go of the beanie baby owl from my graduation year or the necklace from my old best friend who hates me now, the school papers and my kindergarten graduation cap. Oh wait…I kept that..

I need help.


I had good news today! I had been worried, due to recent symptoms, that my thyroid was acting up due to pregnancy, which can do so many bizarre things to your body. Anyhoo, the dr called to say my tests from last week are still normal! I am very thankful for that:)



2 thoughts on “Inspector Gadget

  1. One of the most uncomfortable moments of my life was when the business administrator and the chair of the trustees came to do their annual inspection of Ryan's and my house! I didn't even have the excuse of being in the process of moving!! I cleaned like crazy for several days before, but of course as they were walking through I kept noticing things!! Ahh! One of the joys of living in a parsonage I guess. 🙂


  2. Just got my computer up and working. I hadn't checked blog since I was in fl. Getting all your wonderful news. You look so good Im so glad you are feeling good. You look so good to me.


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