Our New Home!

Thought you might like a few sneak preview pics of our new home to be 2 weeks from today (yikes!)!! We met one of our landladies today and got the keys. She is an extremely sweet older polish lady who adored the boys on sight…which, of course, is a great way to a mother’s heart! haha. I would’ve loved her anyways:) She welcomed us so warmly and genuinely!

The front of our new apartment house:) We are on the 2nd floor.

The kitchen, which is really spacious! However, is sadly lacking much counter space~there is only one counter space next to the stove. I’m sure we can find a way around it though! And did I mention there is a pantry! I’m in love:)

The big window in the “dining room” area.

Looking from the dining room into the living room. It’s really just one big open room.

The front porch! And Ben laying down our very strict porch rules:) The landladies are so concerned with the boys’ safety that they are getting estimates for putting extra railing on top of the ledge!

We finally nailed down some moving details today like the moving truck, etc, which felt good. I am collecting a decent stash of boxes, although I know I will need tons more. It’s amazing how quickly you can fill up a box!

Everytime we have seen the apartment or signed our lease, we feel more and more peaceful about this move and feel that it will be really good! We are looking forward to having our friends and family come visit though…hint, hint:)

2 thoughts on “Our New Home!

  1. Oh Heidi – it's so perfect!! I love love love it!!! I hope you all are very happy with it. Everything seems to be coming together so perfectly. 🙂 What a wonderful place to expand your family into. Can't wait to see it in person when we're in Chicago again (whenever that will be…)! I will be praying for you as you through this moving process – it is very stressful. But at least it's all worth it in the end.

    Looking forward to more pictures – especially ones after you move in. 🙂



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