Sorry I didn’t post a lot in the past few days. It was an extremely busy end of the week and a really tough weekend for me so I didn’t have enough “juice” left for blogging:)

Yesterday it was 90 degrees out but we headed over to the park to watch Daddy play Ultimate Frisbee anyways and treated our friends with popsicles! I never knew popsicles (or “popstickles” as the boys say) could make grown men so happy! I was their best friend for about 5 minutes! 🙂

Here are some pics of my favorite boys:

Playing fetch:) I threw the frisbee…they fetched it.

The frisbee-ers who braved the humid scorching heat.

After many attempts at a brother shot, I finally got this one that I love!

My ornery boy:)

My sweet picture poser:)

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