Motivation..or lack thereof..

It’s very hard to find the motivation to pack, even with barely over 10 days til the move! These two certainly don’t help!

They are much too busy playing, coloring on the boxes, begging to take them apart and sail away on them like ships…

I most definitely can’t count on them for help! Ben has great ideas occasionally to get packing….and then he goes off and starts checking email or playing his guitar or writing his dissertation… Magical Packers? Are you out there?

Well, I’m sure it’ll get done by next weekend, right?! Right…


The boys and I went to help a friend (well, they went along to play:) and walked probably 2 miles this afternoon! Thankfully, it wasn’t 92 like it was yesterday. Those boys were worn out tonight. And so was I! Ben was recording music while we were trekking through the Chicago streets. Yes, recording! He and the band he is part of through church, plus another group from another church are recording a CD and have been working hard. They sound SO good! I will be sure to post any clips if I can find any…


Ben has been dying to feel the baby move but everytime I call him over to feel the tiny thump…the baby stops! He just tried again and said, “It’s like as soon as I put my hand on you, the baby decides to take a nap! zzzzz..” haha. As I was writing this, I told Ben the baby was kicking again and he said, “You know what? the baby is saying ‘bring the big hand back so I can go to sleep!’ ” Besides tricking daddy, this little boy/girl loves music already! I went to Ben’s gig on Friday night and I hadn’t felt the baby much over the previous couple of days because I had been so busy but as soon as I sat down and the music started playing (loudly), the baby had a jam fest in there! Future music lover? We will see!

Well, I am off to put myself and my jitterbug to sleep:)


2 thoughts on “Motivation..or lack thereof..

  1. The same thing happens whenever Frank tries to feel it! Last week he finally managed to catch her in action. She's getting big enough you can now see my stomach move sometimes- very freaky.
    Yesterday I put one of my headphones on the belly and she kicked right away. Maybe our kids can start a band together. 🙂
    Good luck with packing!


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