My Hired Help

You know what? We’ve got packing under con-trol over here! Wanna see?

Wait, I packed up Zakkai! I knew I was getting a little crazy!

“I can stack up all these boxes, mommy! See how tall I am?”

“Great! Now you can help me pack up some of your toys, boys! Boys? Boys?”

Oh, right. You thought I said “play” with the boxes…

Wow, you guys are such a great help! I’m so glad I asked! Let’s go outside and play for a bit, boys! C’mon! Get your shoes…“How about in a couple hours, mommy? We’re busy!” (actual quote)

I just went in to do my nightly boy check and found Zakkai soaking wet! I had accidentally forgotten to put his night time diaper on. He has improved SO much with potty training (we are officially publically trained now!) and wears his undies everywhere and stays dry at nap. But obviously we are not ready for night time yet. I stripped him and as I was putting on his diaper and getting new jammies on, he said sleepily, “What are you doing, mommy?” I briefly whispered that I was changing him and forgot to put his diaper on. To which he replied, ” Mommy, mommy, Curious George was putting apple juice in different jars.”
Right. Even I, who has quite the spaghetti brain, fail to see the connection in that one!

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