New Do!

For the first time in 15 months…I escaped the house (wait! let me finish!) and sat in a chair and had my scalp massaged, my hair blow-dryed (they dried it before they cut it!) and my hair cut. It was nice. Very nice. Except for the part where the girl blow-dryed AND straightened (my already stick-straight hair) for over an hour before Olivelli (the hair dude) could cut it. He did pronounce my hair very beautiful several times which made up for it though:)

I have never had such a long hair cut in my life! But I’m very happy with it and I have to be happy…for another year! Who can afford to get their haircut these days?!

My summer-do: short and layered.

And to my surprise, my hair-picky husband, loves it!! He has complimented me all day:)

Now if only my hair could stop growing for the next several months….

In other news, Samuel is much, much better today! He was pretty puny still this morning but perked up throughout the day as he got more food in his system and another nap. He should be himself tomorrow and then it’s back to school! The rest of us are still feeling pretty good so I am very thankful, although Zakkai did try to claim that he was sick. I didn’t buy it considering he is the picture of health!

The boys are (one is particular) pulling things out of boxes that I have already packed. There are certain boxes I can pack but can’t tape up until the last minute and those are the ones where Zak…ahem, a certain boy, discovers his new “treasures.” I seriously had to chase him out of a few boxes 64 times today and then I threw up my hands, gave up packing and herded my children outside where they amused themselves squirting the ground with long-lost squirt guns (a box treaure). It’s a wonder I get anything done!

Cause you know I’m working hard all the time and not doing ridiculous things like..going off and wasting time getting beautified. Ahem.


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