Welcome to our new home (that now includes the internet:)! Please ignore the random boxes and messes in the corners, as we still have some work to do!

This is our living room that leads out to the front porch and Ben’s office. It has a very warm feel due to the woodwork and is cozy!
Across from the couch is the entertainment center. The door to B’s office is to the right. I could not take pictures at this time, as scholarly thoughts were in progress!

Our dining room! It is still strange to carry our food all the way from the kitchen to the table like most people probably do:)

Our room! Our bed with it’s lovely summer make-up of…a sheet. Hey, it’s humid in Chicago!
Behind the door is B’s dresser and to the right is my craft station. I am hoping to start crafting again shortly now that things are settling down:)

The hall way leading to the bathroom, boys’ room and kitchen! It is nice and wide and I love it. The boys really like their little hooks:)

The cozy bathroom!

The boys’ room with the newly installed bunk beds. The boys love them! Esp Z, who now has to get out of bed and go potty about 4 times a night/morning…

Behind their door.

Bunkbeds and dresser.

The kitchen! It’s so nice to have such a big kitchen after working in our “ship’s galley” for the past 5 years;)

Bookshelves come in handy, even in a kitchen! My parents worked hard to paint some furniture before they left.

The pantry! Love, love, love, love it! It is still strange to have to go their to collect food items that are normally in cabinets but nice! It was so easy to put away groceries last night!

It’s nice to be back blogging again and be able to post pics! School officially ended with a picnic today so I am now thinking of ways to entertain two busy bees. Samuel is ruined with playing by himself now that he has had so much fun in school and he drives me nuts during Z’s naptime. See, I like to have this little thing called “quiet time” but that’s hard when a little/big boy wants you to drive race cars on the floor for hours!

Anyways, I’m off to make dinner for my crew. The baby’s getting hungry:) Speaking of baby….hopefully news tomorrow!


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Thank you Heidi for pictures how fun is this. Now I can picture my beloved family how they are living. You are cozy and really organized. Its so great.


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