Lovable Boys!

The boys are finally adjusting much better to the new place. They still ask occasionally if we are going to move back to the old apt but for the most part seem happy here. At least their behavior has calmed down! On top of adjusting and having a rough week last week, they both came down with nasty colds that they are still trying to get over. Unfortunately, they have passed it on to Ben, who is feeling yucky tonight. I am reallllllllly hoping to avoid it!

We found a park really close to our house today! It is called “Butterfly Park” because they recently planted a butterfly garden and released 300 butterflies into the park! I met a really nice fireman who told me all about how they are fixing the park up and making it great for little kids!

And it’s so nice to find a place where we can de-energize a couple of Thomas boys!

Yesterday I sat out on the porch with them, reading library books and watching the squirrels. Then it started to rain and they decided to feel the rain drops:) I didn’t pose them for this picture!
I had a happy thought last night that these boys will always be my “buddies.” We have been the 3 musketeers these past few years as we travel out and about running errands and living life together (I am talking about daytime when B is working! He is our musketeer, too, don’t worry:) They are sweet and wild, ornery and mild, giggly and just plain enjoyable!

When they aren’t fighting, that is….

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