I’m pregnant. I know, news flash, right? Bear with me for a minute. Your body changes a lot during pregnancy and very quickly! The first time, you can’t wait to have a belly bump and wear those maternity clothes and shout to the whole world that your baby is on the way!! The second or third time…it happens just a little quicker than you’d like:)

I have made a couple comments in pregnancy posts about feeling “Huge” or being a little “chubbier” in person. I apologize if I offended anyone in making those comments. When you are pregnant and your body is changing so fast and your belly is growing about every 5 minutes, you tend to have good days and bad days! I have days where I wake up and think, “Damn! You’re a sexy pregnant lady! Watch out!” (except I don’t really say the “D” word:)

And there are other days where I wake up and want to throw on a mu-mu (because I have a lot of those lying around, you know) and some scruffy slippers and hide in the house because nothing else really fits anyways. It’s just how I feel. And I’d say it’s pretty normal to have these good and bad days! (even for non-pregnant women!)

But you know what makes me feel beautiful? My husband. 10 1/2 years of being together, over 7 years of marriage, 3rd child on the way, almost 11 years older than when I met him….and he still thinks I’m beautiful. Probably even more so.

I don’t know if this being probably our last baby makes him appreciate this whole process more or what, but I have no doubt in my mind that he loves me! He randomly tells me, usually with a startled expression like it is a new revelation that I look “so beautiful” or what a cute belly I have or my face is so pretty and more! He treats me so tenderly and protects me and the baby so fiercely. He makes me feel really beautiful.

So please, if I have a bad day or even if I make a silly joke (which I am prone to do) and say that I feel like a whale, bear with me! I am changing and growing and carrying a little miracle and adjusting to all that comes with that.

But Ben and God think I’m beautiful. And that’s enough for me:)


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