Father’s Day

Father’s Day became meaningful to me when Ben became a daddy to our boys; first Samuel almost 5 years ago, then Zakkai 3 years ago. To see a big, tough, manly guy holding a tiny 7lb baby, changing his first diaper ever, falling asleep with his son on his chest, comforting them when they cry…

I love to see Ben’s tender heart towards our children. His desire to see them make good decisions, to love God, to be good, honorable men someday.

It is good to have a day to celebrate such men. Men who are 100% committed to their families and committed to being the best husbands and fathers they can be.

A day to celebrate the big things and little things that these daddies do. From cutting hair to kissing cuts and scrapes and wiping away tears…

To teaching their children how to play baseball or how to spell words and read..

To celebrate men who spend time reading to their children, tickling and torturing them just to get giggles and smiles…..Men who aren’t afraid to discipline and teach their children important lessons and values.

Daddies who set amazing examples for their children to follow and aren’t afraid to admit when they make mistakes.

My world, Samuel and Zakkai’s world and now our baby’s world is a much better, amazing, secure place because of such a daddy. Happy Father’s Day to a wonderful daddy! We love you!

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