Fire Rally 2010

Recently I mentioned that we met a fireman at one of our new parks we like to go to. Russell the Fireman, as we call him, told us about a Fire Station event this Saturday so we decided to check it out!

At a Chicago fire station/training facility, they held a Fire Rally Event with fire trucks from different counties and states and some really old ones from the early 1900s! There were vendors selling all sorts of fire-related paraphernalia. Toys, stickers, t-shirts, antiques, bells, fire equipment and more.

They barriered off a block with firetrucks so they could spray water for kids to run in!

This was an old pumper from 1907! The kids who ran through were soaked. Our boys did NOT want to run through!:)

My men posing in front of an old fire truck. A boys’ dream!

We actually saw our new fireman friend at the fire event and he showed us all around! He told us that this fire station was built on the site of the beginning of the Great Fire of 1871! Crazy to think about~especially now that we live here and know the area.

We cooled off after our special outing with some ice cream at Oberwies! I have really been wanting to try some ice cream from here, as I have heard great things about it. Their Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream gets a full 2 thumbs up from me:)

My 2 little Firemen in training!

They adore these fire hats that Russell gave them. They immediately whipped off their baseball hats in favor of these hats and wore them until the hot sun shining down on the black hats baked their little heads:)

And then we had to come home and watch some YouTube movies of fires and firetrucks! The fireman told us all about firetrucks which has probably spurred a new interest for the next few weeks:) For ex. Fire trucks put at least a million miles on each year! Crazy! He said they can have 20 million and more and still be running. Now why can’t they make cars like that?
It was a fun day:) Oh the wonderful life of little boys!!!

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