Poo at the Zoo

Today my friend and I took our boys to the Lincoln Park Zoo! It was an absolutely beautiful day, perfect for gawking at animals. We saw everything from lazy lions to stinky rhinos…

These 3 buddies had a great time running and staring at the amazing animals.

They also had a fascinating conversation about Rhino poop. Really. It intrigued them greatly that a large stinky rhino had a place to poo just like the rest of us! Boys.

And then we were blessed to see more poop in the chimpanzee exhibit. Right after my friend and I were saying what expressive, cute animals they were….we spotted something nasty from which I will spare you the details! I’m glad I’m not a zookeeper..

This sweet boy asked me, “Mommy, if you threw a rope up in the sky, could you hook it around a cloud and bring the cloud down?” He gets his brain from his daddy:)

And this little-big boy fell asleep about 10 min before we got back home, only to wake right up once inside because there was a special box on the table that excited him. Inside was a new potty seat, with a ladder attached, to hopefully help him do a little poo-pooing himself:) We’ve had a bit of trouble in that area and he is very afraid of the potty seat we have, which wiggles around a lot as they climb on. He was very excited about this new seat and claims he will go poo-poo immediately!

I am still waiting… sigh.

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