Pigeons, Family and Birthdays!

We are finally getting our beautiful June weather! Just in time for July:) It was so cool out this afternoon that the boys actually wore jackets to the park. They love going to the butterfly park. Since it is usually empty, they have free reign to run and yell and chase each other or, in today’s instance, chase pigeons away:) “Shoo, pigeons! Shoo!” Really, you don’t need to spend much money on kid’s toys. A big cardboard box, some crayons, paper, a park full of pigeons….

So hard to believe that my oldest pigeon-chaser is going to be FIVE on Tuesday! It is such a big birthday to me. Five. Five years since I held that little baby boy in my arms for the first time and became a mommy. I remember having to stay home for 4th of July that year, instead of traveling to Ohio like we do each year, and being about 16 months pregnant (or so I felt:). And two days later….we were surprised with a baby boy! We brought him home on my birthday two days after that. Best bday present I’ve ever gotten!

Speaking of Ohio, we are gearing up to make our annual summer trek! We leave early Friday morning for a week. Samuel is so excited about spending his birthday with our families and is wondering what sort of birthday treasures he will receive:) I love spending the 4th with family, except this year we will be missing some family who moved away a few months ago (including my uncle who was born on the 4th and my aunt with whom I share a bday!) And most importantly, my bestest cousin in the whole world. Miss you, C!

And speaking of family, I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my sis, K, today!! I guess I can’t call you my “little sister” anymore, since we’re both in our upper 20s! I love you, K, and I hope you have had a great birthday. Someday I hope we can live near each other and spend lots of time making up for all these years of being apart. I miss you and I can’t wait to see you in a couple of days!!


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