Back home in good old Chicago again! It is always an adjustment to coming back after peaceful country life and having so much fun with our families. But we were glad to come back to our new apartment, which we love. I think the boys are going through withdrawal. Z told me tonight that when our house gets old, we can just go live at Mugga’s house!

The Friday we got to Columbus, we went putt-putting with several members of my family! It was supposed to be in celebration of my sister’s birthday but we didn’t do a very good job of that. Happy Birthday anyways, K! Here are a few pics of that day:

Z putted with daddy, Uncle Tim and Papa! he got hot and quit about 3/4 the way through and then came to hang out with me:)

This is our little putt-putt cheater:) He played with me, my mom and my sister. He would hit the ball, then go move it closer to the hole and try again. Even with all the sneaky maneuvers, he did pretty well!

The birthday girl~moved up to the ranks of the upper-20s this year:)

Mugga showing off her slick golfing moves. She won out of the 4 of us:)

Taking a rest in the shade: My mom, Z and moi

I’ll post 4th of July pics tomorrow! It makes me hot all over again to look at these pics though. It was SOOO hot most of the week (in the mid-upper 90s). Thank goodness for air conditioning!

More to come tomorrow!


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