Introducing (again):

In 3D: Girly Thomas! (sorry it’s a little blurry; I had to take pics of the pics:)

Her legs and feet! In the real pic, it is clear enough to count her toes!

Her profile! She was hiding her head in the placenta and being shy but we got a few good shots of her before she completely turned her back on us:)

Her smile! She is very happy inside me kicking and causing all sorts of mischief:) (No, she doesn’t have a deformed head; it’s the placenta again!)


I’m glad to have these pics to look at at the end of a really trying day!

p.s. We have chosen her name and have shared it with family and a few friends but for some reason, I’m not quite ready to type it out on the blog! It’ll give me something really fun to write in the fall:)


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