Ah, such a lovely word! Poop. You can’t get away from it as a parent and unfortunately I’ve seen a lot of poop in the past 5 days. So here’s the good, the bad and the ugly:)

The Bad and the Ugly Poop.

This beautiful kid has unfortunately caught Z’s stomach bug:( He has been increasingly complaining of stomach pains over the past couple of days until it got so bad this afternoon that he was doubled over every 5-10 minutes, sobbing and clutching his stomach. We were about ready to take him to the hospital! But we waited a little while and sure enough, all of the sudden he panicked and raced for the bathroom. Thankfully, he made it in time (unlike brother Z!). He told me he felt SO much better after he was done.

Poop is gross.

The Good.

(cue the Hallelujah chorus!) This little man (are you ready?!) FINALLY is getting the hang of pooping in the toilet! He finally finally earned his prize that he had picked out that has been waiting in the prize bucket for over 2 months! Now he wants to go poop all the time!

Who knew that pooping could make us so happy?!


So there. Has your opinion of me changed after so much poop talk? Hey, at least this didn’t happen while I was still gagging over everything!! Thankfully, I only gag about once a week now:) I promise to refrain from too much poop talk in the future.

Happy Wednesday!!


2 thoughts on “Poop

  1. Oh that poop word is all apart of being a mommy. You are a wonderful Mom. Im so glad kidos are feeling better. I was wondering could the watermelon have caused the probablem. Just wondering.


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