Candid Shot Thursday!

This was one of my favorite pictures from our trip to Ohio!

Taken at Samuel’s birthday party at Graeter’s! Ben caught him at just the right moment:)


I have been trying really hard to take the boys outside everyday because!!!!!! They really must miss the fresh country air and freedom of Ohio! So I take them to the park and they get all sweaty and boy-smelling and it wears them out until after nap/rest time and then they are all wound up again! sigh.

Thank goodness for our porch! I herded them out there this afternoon and made it through about 10 minutes of sitting there with them before the oppressive humidity forced me inside. Kids don’t care about that though! They were playing with their scooter and a ride-on airplane for awhile. Zakkai got behind Samuel, who was sitting on the airplane and Samuel scooted back and crashed into him. Zakkai got all offended and turned to tell me about it. I told him to use his words and ask Samuel to watch out and not bump him and Z turned around and said, in complete seriousness,

“Samuel, could you please not bump into me ’cause if I was wearing an astronaut suit, you would squish me and break my suit.”

What an imagination!! He hasn’t wavered from his desire to be an astronaut for at least 6 months or more:) He does want to be a fireman, too, on the side. I took the boys to the library yesterday morning and he got SO excited over a fireman book we found. So then, of course, I had to look for another one to keep the peace between the boys and went over to the non-fiction section where we found tons of books. Z spotted, not only more firefighter books, but one about the space shuttle Columbia. He seriously hasn’t let go of the book since! He wants me to read it to him all day, took it to the park today, keeps it by his bed, and reads it endlessly during his many pooping trips to the bathroom (a new obsession)! He asked me today if firemen and astronauts were brave:) I wouldn’t be surprised if he really did turn out to do one of those things!

Samuel, on the other hand, is still deciding what he wants to be. He has until about 2023 to decide. That ought to be enough time to decide, right? He’s a homebody, that one is.

Just like his mama:)


One thought on “Candid Shot Thursday!

  1. His Grandmagreat has to say Im a home body too. You would never know if you saw me lately. My goodness I've been a busy one. Came home today after going to a wonderful tea at Marsha Whites and sat in my lazy boy chair and have not moved Its been hours and I love it.


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