A Few of My Favorite Things:

*An 80 degree day after far too many 90+ days!


*Spontaneous little boy hugs and “I love you’s.”

*Being clean.

*Seeing how much my boys love their Uncle Tim and vice versa.

*Peaches and more peaches!

*Target’s new bigger grocery section that falls somewhere in between regular Target and SuperTarget.

*And their new carts. Gotta love a cart that’s easy to push! Even if it is made out of plastic…

*My mom! I treasure the 3-4 times a year I get to spend time with her:)

*Naps. I am nap-dependent these days. This heat is killing me! Or at least it was until today..

*Samuel (and Zakkai~see above:)!!

*The smell of freshly cut grass.

*Random million dollar checks in the mail. Well, it hasn’t happened yet but I’m still hoping…

*Parking spots right in front of my apartment.

*My grandparents and the neverending supply of love they have for their family!

*Picking out new books! And reading them, too.

*My family~near and far. I am blessed to have an awesome family (my own definitely included!)


One thought on “A Few of My Favorite Things:

  1. Howdy Love your pictures from Columbus. They are keepers. Is it delightful the cool weather. Grandpa and I were in that hot 95 doing a wedding. Grandpa thought the groom was going to pass out. He ended the message mighty quick.


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