72 Hour Days

I told Ben today that I am so tired by dinner time because my days are about 72 hours long. He didn’t believe me. He said the days are only 4 hour days. Hmmm…. That could be because I am desperately trying to entertain and keep out of trouble two busy busy boys and he is working 14 hour days trying desperately to finish his dissertation. I’m sure you have days like these, too!

One of the things I have put the boys up to is decorating their new prize jars! I did away with their sticker charts, which fell off the wall every 6 days or so and went off of a friend’s idea and now we have prize jars, thanks to the dollar store:)

Z working very hard to decorate his jar:) We found big star shaped marbles at the dollar store and for every 10 that the boys earn, they get a prize either from the prize bucket or extra stories, little dates with mommy or daddy, etc. Z is currently working on LISTENING, something he has a bit of trouble with:)

Samuel started out painting his different colors but ended up painting over it all in red:) He is working on being kind to his brother and not so bossy (or tattle tale-y) and also his newest goal: quitting sucking his fingers! The boys love their new jars!


Another way we entertained these wild things was a family car-washing event tonight. I know, don’t be jealous. Our car was desperately crying out for a good vacuuming and washing, as it has been X months (or longer) since we last did it. Hey, I can’t tell you the real number; it’s like confessing the last time you visited the dentist!!

The boys got a real kick out helping scrub and dry the car:)


And as the boys were busy painting the other day, I decided to get a few things out of our closet only to:

rip part of the shelving out of the wall! Everything on top of the shelves (not pictured) was falling down everywhere and I was holding up the clothes yelling at the boys to get daddy to help me!! It was really fun. I had to take allll my clothes off the hooks (speaking of clothes: it looks like I have a lot but I wear about 6 of those currently! And I don’t have enough room to store different seasons clothes so most of my seasons are all there:).

Anyways, we’re trying to keep busy but it’s been pretty lonely without our good friends around us. I’m always up for ideas of how to entertain these wild things, so feel free to share! Or come visit….

Especially considering my days are 72 hours long.


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