The Return of Craftiness

It was a quiet day today. We ventured outside into the oppressive heat and humidity only to return home about 35-40 min later with both boys dripping wet and all of us with bright red faces! I’ll stick to the air-conditioning, thankyouverymuch!

The boys played really nicely together while I worked on my newest project. Unfortunately I have far too many projects on my plate with plenty more circling my brain, just itching to get on my list!

I was happy to have accomplished a little something today:) I turned these: (there are 3)

Into these:

It was a lot more complicated than I thought! I didn’t want to take apart the original basket cover so I had to measure each piece as best as I could, adding in a seam allowance. Whew! After measuring, drawing the pieces on paper, cutting them out, tracing them on the fabric and cutting those out…I was finally ready.

They definitely aren’t perfect, as nothing I ever make is!! But I am pretty happy with how they turned out. All ready to put some of Baby Girl’s clothes in! So currently that leaves her with 3 baskets and no dresser. It’s a start!

Now if only I could finish my quilt before the fall! C’mon motivation!


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