My Guy(s)

I Love My Guys! All 3 of them:)
Working hard building a Lego masterpiece!
I love these 3 that fill my life with noise, love, and laughter. They also each drive me crazy at times but it’s a good kind of crazy! Everyone needs a little crazy in their life:) My boys are growing up so quickly, before my eyes this summer. Zakkai told me that he is supposed to grow up (but I told him to slow down!) and Samuel told me he wants to stay 5 forever and got very upset and teary at the idea of growing up.
I had a glimpse of what I was like as a child when I told my mom that I was going to be a missionary and live at home for the rest of my life! Samuel says even when (if he has to) grow up, he will still cuddle with me and sit on my lap, give me hugs and play.
I will remind him of this someday! In about 10 years, I’m thinking…


I have been so completely drained these past few days that I haven’t even had the energy to write or talk to anyone.  Not to mention, I really dislike writing downer posts because who wants to go read that?! But then again, I have to be real and honest. Because life isn’t a bed of roses all the time. God didn’t promise that and I’m just really thankful I have Him to help me get through stressful times!

Please pray for us this coming week. We have SO much going on and it’s hard to work up the energy for it all after such a stressful past few days. I was so stressed (and hurting b/c baby girl decided to bruise one of my ribs!) on Friday night that I thought I was going to end up in L&D for monitoring since I was having so many contractions. Thankfully I was able to relax enough to fall asleep for a little while.

We spent all of yesterday at a car dealership and just when we were about to sign the papers, this crazy manager went berserk on Ben for asking him to fix something on the car, starting yelling at us and refused to sell us the car. That is the extremely edited version and suffice it to say, it was a really tough and discouraging evening for us yesterday and morning today. It was really tough and hurtful what happened and it’s hard to work up the nerve to do it all again! But we have to and the sooner the better. Lots of prayer going on here these days:)

Anyways, hopefully after hibernating and regrouping today, we can crawl out of our little shell  into the big bad world again tomorrow.

After all, new mercies every single day, right?!

Shoes and Thankfulness

It was (mostly) a nice day with my boys! The cooler weather is really helping me feel better about my days since I have more energy to go out with them! We did a little shoe shopping for daddy today since he often gets the shaft in the shoe dept. Not until he comes to me showing me that this tennis shoes are ripped, torn and practically falling off his feet do I realize that he needs a new pair!

So then, of course, Samuel chimed in saying he needed a new pair, too. I was quick to assure him that he did indeed NOT need a new pair. To which he argued. To which I looked at his shoes and realized that he wasn’t being dramatic, his shoes really are ripping and coming apart. And I just bought them in the spring! He must be hard on shoes.

Thankfully, Z doesn’t need any. And didn’t really care anyways:)

So, after we found shoes, we got stuck in the baby department just browsing:) Samuel was so cute, pulling out outfit after outfit begging to buy it for little sis. And then resorted to tears when I wouldn’t buy him a new stuffed animal, even though he has 4,398 at home. Actually, make that 3,537 because I did secretly get rid of many of them before moving. At least that was one less thing we moved!

And then I treated the boys to a special and very rare lunch out at Wendy’s. It was the worst Wendy’s experience I have ever had! They seriously got almost every single thing wrong with our order! But we finally got most of it settled and then Samuel got to whining about not getting new things at the store. So we had a talk. (I like to have talks with them.) And I talked on and on about being thankful for all of the things that he has (and beyond material to good health, loving family, etc!). And most of it went over his head.

And then I said, “Tell me something you’re thankful for. We’re not leaving until you do.”

And that got his attention. And he hemmed and hawed and finally told me he was thankful for his lunch. And then whined and complained about something else (sensing a theme for him today?) when we got in the car and had to tell me another thing he was thankful for.

And then we went home. And I told daddy what had happened. And…you guessed it! Ben made Samuel tell him something else he was thankful for. And we told him that everytime he whines and complains, especially over not getting something, he will have to tell us what he is thankful for in his life.

He didn’t complain the rest of the day.

P’sketti N’ Parks

I love how it doesn’t take much to make my boys happy! Any special “treat” or outing or something unordinary about the day makes their whole face light up! Take this picture, for instance. Probably a month ago or so, we had good friends over for dinner and we all enjoyed a delicious treat of s’mores for dessert! These were a BIG hit with our munchkins! They could hardly figure out how to eat the gooey, chocolatey yumminess. But they did a good job:) I love their messy faces!
Speaking of messy faces, Zakkai had a fantastic p’sketti face tonight! At one point I looked over while he was eating to find him with his head in his spaghetti, I mean p’sketti bowl eating his noodles. I asked why he wasn’t using his fork and he said it couldn’t reach the last 3 noodles:) What a little character!
He was a crab today after a bad night’s sleep but woke up in a much better mood after a long early nap. He even chose to take a nap instead of eating lunch! Then I took the boys to meet a friend at a waterplayground park. Except we got lost. And an hour later, we gave up.
But the boys were so disappointed so I found a waterpark near our house and they had a BLAST! It’s the neatest idea for young kids. They put a playground basically in a pool. The water starts at 0 depth and goes up to about 1ft 10 in. There are steering wheels where they can turn on and off sprinklers. A slide and stairs to climb. A tire swing. And the best part?
It wears them out so they can eat p’sketti and go to sleep:) I love days like this! Except for the getting lost part….

The best of Monday randomness

* Well, we are still checking out cool minivans:) We went out Saturday and saw 3 Odysseys. One smelled like a farm on the inside (seriously, what in the world did those people do in there?!), one was speckled with brown all over the inside roof (but the salesman pretended he didn’t see it), and the other was pretty nice; just a strange color (sometimes blue, green or gray)! The salesman obviously had no idea about vans and had no personality either. He wasn’t happy when we told him we weren’t buying that day and might be back. We tried another place but they were all out of Siennas so that didn’t work! And then we were exhausted and came home and ate cereal for dinner:) We’ll try again soon..

*Oh, and thought and breathed car stuff so much this past weekend (so many little details to figure out) that I dreamt about it two nights in a row and woke up exhausted. So ready for this to be done!

*Zakkai has reversed pooping on the potty and either holds it in and then claims he had diarrhea in his pull-up and couldn’t control it (right..)or poops while he’s sleeping! Go figure. Haven’t figured out what to do about that one. The past few nights he’s spent some time on the potty reading books claiming he has to go. And then when he’s done with the books, he says he didn’t have to go after all. I think he just really wants to stay up a little longer:) I’m smart like that, catching onto his ploys…

*Samuel was very worried tonight that he hasn’t figured out what he wants to be when he grows up! Maybe he felt pressure because Z already “knows” what he wants to do. I told S that he had plenty of time to decide and that God would show him just what he is supposed to be when the time is right! He says he just might want to be a tow-truck driver but he’s not sure yet…

*It was so cool last night that I actually slept with covers on for the first time in about 2 months! It was glorious! (And I slept 10 hours and got up to go to the bathroom 4 times. Fun!) And it was cool enough this morning/evening that I even felt like cooking! I cannot wait for the fall! Hot soups, fresh bread, apple-licious treats from the apple picking…..mmmm..

*Ben did all the dishes tonight and took out the trash without me even asking! What a fine husband I married:)

*We had grilled steak (not the expensive kind!) and roasted veggies (potatoes, red and orange peppers, zucchini and carrots) tonight. It was so good that the boys even requested more of the roasted veggies, including zucchini. I should’ve taken a picture…

*Zakkai has actually decided he likes bread for the first time in his life! He ate 2 small pieces tonight. Who is this child?

*I am starting to get into organization/nesting mode! And I am organizing very random strange things (like tearing out pages from magazines to file in my folder and getting rid of the magazines…). Important? No. But it makes me feel happy. Now if we can just find a dresser to put all the clothes and things in that Baby E is acquiring before she takes over our bedroom!

*1 week until Ben starts teaching; 11 days until my sister and her hubby make their annual Labor Day visit!; 2 weeks until school starts for the boys; 4 1/2 weeks until apple picking; 10 (maximum~do you hear that baby?!) until Baby is due!

*I finally emptied our trunk of random things we have been carrying around for 2 months! Things to give to various people or dontate, etc. Do you ever do that? And then it feels so good to get that little stuff that hangs over you done!

Well, now that you so delightfully caught up on the randomness of me, I’ll say goodnight!

Swagger Wagon?

I always swore up and down and all around that I would never ever, not until pigs fly and cows start making chocolate milk, buy one of these:
Well, guess what?
Yeah, that’s right. We’re cool like that. I think I always thought I’d have to buy one of these:
Or worse yet, the ones with the sloping fronts from 1982. I know, I’m a minivan snob. Who knew?
We are pretty sure, after a whole lot of prayer and racking of brainage and tears (me, not Ben) that we have found a way to get a used van (no new 2011s for me!). It involves trading in our Camry, which we really didn’t want to do but who can afford 2 cars in Chicago?!
We are beginning the looking process today and are praying for lots of wisdom and savvyness over the next couple of weeks!
But until I can introduce you to our “new” car, hopefully soon, I leave you with this:
Think of Ben and I as you watch:)