Brain Lapse

I just uploaded pictures to post….and realized I didn’t even take the pictures I wanted to post! There’s pregnancy brain for you. I have it bad. I can’t seem to talk right lately. I absolutely can’t write and talk at the same time or I start writing what I’m saying or saying what I’m writing!

I told the boys to go sit in their carseats the other day. The only problem was we were inside. And I meant their chairs at the table. I also combine words very easily. I combined my name with a friend named Sarah while I was texting and started to send the message to “Harah.” Unfortunately, this kind of, er, brain lapse does tend to run in my family so I think I’m doomed all the way around! Next thing you know I’ll be finding my scissors in the refrigerator and my ketchup in the pen drawer. I’m in trouble!!

So if I call you by the wrong name or act crazy around you…please don’t judge me! Not for the next few months anyways:)


Here is a picture of the Applesauce Muffins I posted about the other day!! Yum yum!

We finally took the boys to see Toy Story 3 on Saturday!! It had rained Friday night and Zakkai woke up and saw the wetness and asked if we wouldn’t be able to see Toy Story because it was flooded like last time:( Thankfully it wasn’t!

We were one of two families at the matinee which was nice. Zakkai didn’t like the previews at all (by the way, has anyone noticed how LOUD movies are??!! Maybe I’m getting old…) and pronounced them “scary.” He sat with me a few times snuggling and clutching his buzz and woody toys the whole time:) (You can see them in the pic above) He also asked over halfway through if we could pause the movie:) They don’t get out much..

Samuel is so quiet during a movie, taking it all in! He also had his buzz and woody toys (gifts from Grandma) and his toy story shoes:) He is still talking about things that happened! It was a really great movie. We really enjoyed it!

Yesterday towards the end of Z’s naptime, I walked by his room and heard him humming as he sucked his finger (something the boys both have done) and thought he was awake. I peeked in to find him like this! He had fallen out of bed and gone back to sleep on the floor:) Gotta get that boy a rail for his bed; he falls out about every 2 days!

Hopefully I’ll upload the right pics tomorrow and post about our meager “U week.” 5 more weeks of letters….5 more weeks til school starts! Yikes!

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