Boy Funnies

Kids are funny. Naturally, un-coached, spontaneously, hilariously, embarassingly, loudly funny. I wish I remembered to write down everything my two monkeys say! Here are a few Boy Funnies from this week: (as they model their new Toy Story t-shirts from Gma)

We were walking home from the park today for lunch and Samuel said, “Mommy, I think you should clean that sticky stuff out of my ears before kindergarten so I can listen to my teacher sometimes.”
Um, Zakkai? Focus! Picture taking in progress! Talking to Zakkai is like talking to a bee sometimes. I will get done lecturing him about something he’s done to warrant a time-out and will ask him if he heard what I just said. Zakkai will say something like (and I quote) “Mmmhmm. But if the door was green, then I would have to close it and lock it up!!” Right…let’s start again…

Zakkai: “Why did the train cross the road?”
Us: “Why?”
Z: “Because it wanted to get to the otherside to home. Hahahahahah! EVERYONE QUIET SO WE CAN TELL IT AGAIN!”

“Why did the train cross the road?” (repeat 3xs)

“Zakkai, what are you doing?!!”
“Mommy! Grandma’s toothbrush fell in the toilet!”
“It just fell in the toilet? Why were you playing with Grandma’s toothbrush while you were going potty?”
“Um, it just fell. Mmmhmm.”

Samuel: “Mommy! Listen to this! Why did the door close itself and turn on the light?” “Why, Samuel?”
“Because it was dark!!” hahahahaha.


Then, the other day, they were playing out on the front porch while I was getting their lunch ready. Suddenly they came bursting into the house, leaving the screen door open, yelling, “Mommy!! There’s a man staring at us! Yeah, he’s staring at us and we don’t like it!” I tried explaining to them that the man could hear them and he was allowed to be out on his porch, too and they were safe, etc.

And then I wondered why I wasted my breath when they opened the door back up, peeked outside and yelled, “He’s still out there! He’s going to stare at us again and we don’t like it!”

Ah, working on manners never ends!


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