7 Months!

Today I am 28 weeks along/7 months! Growing like a weed:) For my records (and later Baby’s), I like to update what is happening each month!

I wasn’t really feelin’ the picture tonight, as I haven’t felt the best today. Just a bit headachey and worn out. Hopefully I’ll be back to myself tomorrow!

I am:

*Just starting to feel a wee bit of 3rd trimester (you heard me right; 3rd tri already!) let down in energy. Just a few more minor discomforts but nothing too bad!

*Am growing, growing, growing which means Baby Girl is growing, too! She is supposedly around 2 1/2 lbs now but obviously still has a lot more weight to put on!

*Groan a bit getting up from the floor after playing with the boys now. Haha! I think they are starting to wonder what in the world has happened to mommy!

*Feeling this little one move like crazy! She breakdances inside all day but especially at night when I finally relax:) She gets the hiccups at least twice a day and I can practically time my bedtime by the 2nd set of them!

*Praying that she will change positions! She moved sometime between last night and this morning and must now be legs down because she is kicking every organ down low in my body possible, especially my bladder!

*Cannot believe there are only 12 weeks left. I know it will go by quickly especially after the boys start school (in 4 weeks!) I was amazed that they let me schedule all the rest of my dr’s appts today! Only one more 4 week visit before I start going every 2 weeks. wow!

*Am really looking forward to our baby shower this weekend, being thrown by our housegroup! I can’t wait to see all of them again and feel so honored that they are celebrating with us! I really wish my family could be there though.

*Can’t wait to meet this little person!


One thought on “7 Months!

  1. me too. How fun is this. In the picture I thought she looked like you. I can hardly wait to see our precious grand baby. We are so blessed.


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