Charming Charlies

I’d like to take a minute to introduce you to my newest favorite store!! Charming Charlie’s. (
My oldest sisters got my other sister and I some jewelry (I am wearing the necklace/earring I received above) for our bdays and, our curiosity peaked, we made a trek to Charming Charlie’s with our mom and gma.
Oh my goodness.
The colors! The rainbow of colors that explodes in your eyes until your brain can barely compute what it is seeing! They have all of their jewelry divided into colors so you can go straight to the blue section, the green section, the pink, etc! AND not only do they have jewelry but they also have shoes, purses, clothes, and other accessories!
The four of us all decided that we were in love (as in love with a store as you can be) and that we would most definitely be making future treks to Charlie’s! Their prices are really really good and we all walked away with a little something to beautify ourselves, including some fun earring from the clearance section for $2!!  If you go to their website you can see if there are stores near you. If you are in Columbus, it’s at Polaris.
I haven’t cared too much about jewelry in the past but now find myself eagerly choosing the day’s accessories. That could just be me trying to make my growing pregnant self look a little more attractive but still. It feels good to wear a little extra something each day!
*Unfortunately I am not being reimbursed for endorsing Charming Charlies:) *

4 thoughts on “Charming Charlies

  1. We just got one near us and had never heard of it before- now I'll definitely have to check it out!
    Love the new blog design, by the way! Very cute!


  2. every time I wear my orange shirt and my orange charming charlie ear rings and bracelets I get lots of compliments. I just went to that store yesterday but didn't buy anything. I get in there and can't think of a single outfit to match. Gpa is glad.


  3. due to your blog, I decided to make a trip to Charming Charlie's today. I didn't buy anything – just walked around and dreamed about what dress I could put with what shoes and purse and necklace. In my dreams, I look awfully cute! I'll have to start saving up so I can put a chic outfit together with all of the trimmings! 🙂


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