The Blue Angels

I am totally a nerd. Or something like that anyways! The Chicago Air and Water Show is here this weekend and I can’t tell you how crazy I have been to see these fighter jets! I feel so guilty because my poor boys are terrifed of them because they are SO loud.
The last few days they have been frequently flying overhead or nearby as they have been practicing but everytime I have run out to the porch to see (as fast as I can run anyways) they are long gone. Sigh.
Today we saw them at a distance soaring over Lake Michigan while we were out running errands (another story for another day) but this afternoon I finally got my chance!
After several minutes of hearing thundering jets roaring overhead, I went out to the porch, with the boys screaming at me to stay inside and to my utter delight, 2 blue angels roared overhead and I saw them SO close! It was insanely loud but so amazing! We saw several other jets circling around downtown and a few more scream over our apartment. Samuel was hiding inside and Zakkai, who got brave enough to step out for a few minutes, started screaming in terror as 3 more fighter jets flew in formation over us.
So, my children might be traumatized but I am totally thrilled, like a teenage boy, to have seen some jets up close and personal.
Really, how often do you get to see Blue Angels flying over your front porch?

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