V and W weeks!

 We have been V, W”ing” the past 2 weeks and having a good time, as you can see! I’m not so sure what’s going to happen this week for X week. Seriously, X? Who made that letter??!! But it being X week means there are only 3 weeks until school! Where did the summer go?

V is for:

Coloring with “Vibrant” colors! (the crayons really are called Vibrant:)

 V’s and W’s! V’s in Vibrant and W’s with some White on them (of course, Z refused to color with white:)
 Z chose V is for Violin and S chose V is for Van! Samuel added a road and a sign that says “Bump” on it:)                                                         
 These were our V words for the week. We talked a lot about Vegetables and Voice, which was fun!

W is for Coloring on the windows with Window Markers! Zakkai had to make it more fun by stacking the markers to color. Needless to say, marker ended up on the window sills, the walls….He’s a dangerous one, that one!
We were ecstatic when we wrote the W words with writing utensils on Wednesday while wondering what in the world we were going to do the rest of the week! ( like it?!)
W is for Water; Samuel added himself on the left holding the cup, with 5 hairs on his head because he is 5:) And added me on the right pouring the water from the pitcher. Zakkai chose watermelon, one of his favorite fruits!

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