Choosing to be Thankful

We are having kind of a rough week over here and feeling a bit emotionally exhausted tonight. But I really really want to try to be thankful in the midst of a difficult situation. So here are a few things I am struggling with, minus many details, some big and some silly but on my mind at the moment:)

1. We received some bad news about being able to get a car to fit our upcoming family of 5. We are trying really hard to figure out what to do with not many options and trusting and HOPING for a miracle!
*I am thankful we have a car right now that fits the 4 of us and that it’s been a great car with very very few problems!

2. Hearing discouraging stories about babies and struggling with worrying about our little one. I have fought hard to have a peaceful pregnancy, one free of worry but I’ve struggled with worrying this week.
 *I am thankful that everything has gone really great so far and that this little one is loved so very much 
 already, by us and by our friends and family.

3. Being lonely now that my closest friends have moved away and there don’t seem to be many people around me to meet, even at the parks. It’s been hard the past month.
 *I am so thankful for the friends I do have, even if far away. I am thankful for the technology of phone
   calls, texts and emails that makes it so easy to stay in touch with loved ones.

4. Am FED UP with AT&T and my local library! (I told you there were some silly ones:) I have called AT&T probably every 2 weeks since moving here to deal with problems. They are so  inept. And as for the library that keeps losing my books that I return and trying to fine me……..well, poo on you!
 *Okay, fine. I am thankful that we have the internet. (can you hear me clenching my teeth?!) and that we can
   read books for free.

5. Worrying about school and how the boys, Samuel mostly, will adjust. Samuel is already getting really anxious about kindergarten and it makes it so incredibly difficult as a parent to have to be tough and compassionate all at the same time when all you want to do is shelter your child from any pain or sadness! Not to mention, I was just like him when it came to school when I was a little girl. My grandpa always has talked about “God’s Law of Retribution” and how you have a child just like you. Wasn’t it enough for me to go through it, God?
*I am thankful the boys can go to a good school that we like and that Samuel already has some friends who
  will be in his class. And I am really thankful that we are only 4 minutes away now!

**Alright, that’s enough of this sob business! I am feeling discouraged and worrying about a few things but really trying to trust and set a good example for the boys. We have been asking them every night before we pray what they are thankful for, whether it’s big or small. And Ben and I each say something, too. It’s such a good practice to get into, especially on the days when you don’t feel very thankful! There is always something to be thankful for!! I would really appreciate your prayers though, especially about #1 and #5!!


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