Swagger Wagon?

I always swore up and down and all around that I would never ever, not until pigs fly and cows start making chocolate milk, buy one of these:
Well, guess what?
Yeah, that’s right. We’re cool like that. I think I always thought I’d have to buy one of these:
Or worse yet, the ones with the sloping fronts from 1982. I know, I’m a minivan snob. Who knew?
We are pretty sure, after a whole lot of prayer and racking of brainage and tears (me, not Ben) that we have found a way to get a used van (no new 2011s for me!). It involves trading in our Camry, which we really didn’t want to do but who can afford 2 cars in Chicago?!
We are beginning the looking process today and are praying for lots of wisdom and savvyness over the next couple of weeks!
But until I can introduce you to our “new” car, hopefully soon, I leave you with this:
Think of Ben and I as you watch:)

3 thoughts on “Swagger Wagon?

  1. Heidi, this is so funny because Nathan and I just saw this video the other day and cracked up over it! We actually just got a Toyota Sienna ourselves since our Taurus finally died. All this to say, if you want any tips/ideas/suggestions for buying a used minivan, Nathan did a TON of research and did an amazing job negotiating. He gave me the “OK” to let me offer his services to you 🙂 so feel free to have Ben contact him. I will be praying for you in this! -Melissa


  2. Well that first van looks like one I would like. Is it in the running. probably not. We also have been all cought up in vans. Our leased one has too many miles. What to do buy it or a new one. Okay our problem (see we have problems too) Im thinking new Gpa is thinking buying old one. The Lord will work this out. I've finally turned it over to Him.


  3. Thanks, Melissa! I will be calling you back, too, by the way:) We have been researching so much but I must say the haggling price thing makes me nervous!
    And Gma, the first van is a Honda Odyssey, prob the best kind of van out there! You should check it out!


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