P’sketti N’ Parks

I love how it doesn’t take much to make my boys happy! Any special “treat” or outing or something unordinary about the day makes their whole face light up! Take this picture, for instance. Probably a month ago or so, we had good friends over for dinner and we all enjoyed a delicious treat of s’mores for dessert! These were a BIG hit with our munchkins! They could hardly figure out how to eat the gooey, chocolatey yumminess. But they did a good job:) I love their messy faces!
Speaking of messy faces, Zakkai had a fantastic p’sketti face tonight! At one point I looked over while he was eating to find him with his head in his spaghetti, I mean p’sketti bowl eating his noodles. I asked why he wasn’t using his fork and he said it couldn’t reach the last 3 noodles:) What a little character!
He was a crab today after a bad night’s sleep but woke up in a much better mood after a long early nap. He even chose to take a nap instead of eating lunch! Then I took the boys to meet a friend at a waterplayground park. Except we got lost. And an hour later, we gave up.
But the boys were so disappointed so I found a waterpark near our house and they had a BLAST! It’s the neatest idea for young kids. They put a playground basically in a pool. The water starts at 0 depth and goes up to about 1ft 10 in. There are steering wheels where they can turn on and off sprinklers. A slide and stairs to climb. A tire swing. And the best part?
It wears them out so they can eat p’sketti and go to sleep:) I love days like this! Except for the getting lost part….

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