You know, all this talk about cars has got me eating, breathing, sleeping, night-maring, ogling cars! I am so darn sick of this whole thing that I would give up in a minute. Except for the slight problem of not having a car big enough for three little Thomases…

I wish I came with a warranty. Wouldn’t it be nice to be certified? Anything goes wrong in the next 12 months, bumper to bumper (and believe me, this poor body has had some problems bumper to bumper!) and bam, it’s fixed for free (so they say anyway..)! Change that 7 year/100,000 drive-train warranty into a 7 illness (per year)/100 years old (whichever comes first) warranty instead and I’ll sign up!

Cars, smars. I’m sick of ’em! We had a better experience today at a dealer but the deal was a no-go. For some “strange” reason, they wouldn’t let us take the van to a mechanic to check it out. Hmmm… Trying to hide something?

In possibly hopeful news though, B had a talk with Mr. Big-Shot (The owner of the dealer that treated us so horribly this weekend) and told him what happened. He’s going to be “checking into” the situation and calling Ben back soon. Who knows? Maybe we can still get our van but for a better deal! Trying not to get my hopes up….. Just doing lots of praying and trusting that God will provide a car.

In the next month or so…..

These little guys have been champs! They’ve been dragged to 5 places now and forced to sit for hours sometimes and have been SO well-behaved! They keep earning stars for their jars:) I bet they could tell you a thing or two about cars now…
They were having a picnic breakfast in the pic above:) I let them watch a little cartoon on the weekend and eat some fresh peaches, banana bread and milk. Mmm! Like I always say, doesn’t take much to keep a kiddo happy!

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