Flying High

If you’ve read my last 2 or 3…or 7 posts, you’ll know that it’s been rough around here lately for many reasons.
This morning, I’ve just gotta say that….
I’m flying as high as a Ferris wheel:
Or sailin’ like a speedboat…
Or, or…. just plain happy!
It worked! Samuel went into his class today with an actual smile on his face! Hallelujah!! He showed me where his bookbag hook was and greeted his teacher and gave me hugs and kisses and there were NO signs of tears anywhere! (from me or him!)
On my way out of the school after dropping Z off at his classroom, I stopped quickly, almost causing a traffic jam, because I spotted Samuel coming up the stairs leading his class line.
And he was happy!
No tears!
No screaming!
And some of the pieces of my heart that were scattered all over the school floor from this week actually jumped back inside. To stay hopefully.
And I walked back to the car saying, “Thank you, God! Thank you, God! Thank you, God!”
And all the people who have seen me crying the past 2-3 days were amazed.
And it was good.

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