Scraps and Sleep

It was such a “fall” day today. It’s nice to start cycling through a “new” wardrobe again! Isn’t it that way at the beginning of every season? I can’t wait to wear jeans again and jackets, cute sweaters and long sleeved shirts…..Till about February! 🙂
I get to cycle twice this year though. Through my very few maternity fall clothes and into (hopefully) at least some of my regular fall/winter clothes. Wishful thinking?!
This afternoon the boys cut out “quilt scraps” while I was cutting fabric for a quilt for baby E. Zakkai started cutting right away (he LOVES scissors! Scary thought, isn’t it?) and pretty soon Samuel set aside his “homework” to do his own cutting.
Samuel cutting teeny tiny quilt scraps for his sister. And then for all of the kids in his class:)

My scary scissor monster “measuring” his scraps which he cut out for all of his friends, family, cousins, etc:) It was nice to have their company while I was cutting!

Today when I picked up this little sweet monster from preschool, I felt the urge to give him a big hug. I drove since it was just raining and as soon as I picked him up (I know I shouldn’t be doing that but how much longer will he let me?!!) he squeezed me tight and said, “Mommy, can you carry me home?”

I said, “No, I can’t carry you all the way home but I can carry you to the car!” And then 3 steps later I was at the car:) Right as I went to put him down and get him in his carseat, he squeezed me tight around the neck again so I spent an extra minute just holding him and smelling his sweetness.

He pulled back and put his hands on each side of my face and said, “Mommy, you’re so pretty!” He never says stuff like that! He usually says something like you’re NOT pretty just to get a reaction. He got another hug for that sweet compliment:)

Then later at naptime as I tucked him into his cozy bed, he reached up and touched my hair and said, “You have such nice hair, mommy.” I don’t know what came over him today but I’ll take it!

And then because I slept so poorly last night, I fell asleep during Z’s naptime, fully expecting my alarm to wake me up before it was time to get S from school.

It didn’t.

I woke up at 2:06pm. School gets out at 1:45pm.

I was SO disoriented but immediately panicked, running into the boys’ room, yelling “We’ve got to go! Samuel’s at school!” I was racing around throwing my shoes on and rechecking the clock trying to clear the fuzz from my brain! Zakkai started crying, totally freaked out by my sudden entrance.

I threw his shoes on and we ran out the door, barely pausing to say hi to one of our landlords who was outside. I sped off so thankful that we now live 4 minutes away instead of 25! Ben called me only a minute later with a very hesitant, “Heidi? What’s wrong?” For some reason the teacher called him and not me and he was so worried!

I slammed the car in park and raced Z into the school to find Samuel sitting quietly in his classroom with his bookbag on, holding his lunchbox just waiting for me. And of course, as soon as I started apologizing to the teacher, I started crying! Oh these hormones!

She was so sweet and said I had looked so tired earlier and everything was okay. She had kept things really calm for Samuel which I appreciated so much. I felt like such a horrible mother!!

Samuel very sweetly accepted my apology and seemed quite unaffected by the whole thing, thanks to Ms Mendez!! The boys thought it was pretty funny when I told them they had a “crazy mom!”

Zakkai said, “Did you hear that, Samuel? Mommy said she’s a crazy mom!”

Yep, that’s me these days!


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