The UPS stalkers

Hard to believe we are starting the 3rd week of school! You wait and wait for some upcoming event and then bam! It’s here and gone. Time flies. I suppose I should remind myself of that when I think 6 weeks of carrying this karate lovin’ baby sounds like an eternity!
Thankfully the weekend is over (how often do people say that?!) and we can look forward to some things this week. Well, one in particular. Apple Picking!! It will be so nice to get out of the city for the morning and be together as a family and each juicy, delicious, fresh-off-the-tree apples! Not to mention those pumpkin spice doughnuts and apple doughnuts. mmm….
Trying again for a van this week but always overwhelmed with the “what ifs.” We are getting back in the saddle and all that with new strategies in mind:) Eventually we have to find one, right?! Let’s just say that we’ll be car buying experts by the time this is all over!!
Have I mentioned that I’ll never be buying a car again? Just for the record.
We had an exciting afternoon of driving around chasing the UPS man through the neighborhood. Okay that sound a little crazy. I suppose I should back up a little! Ben has been, shall we say procrastinating, about returning a book from Amazon and it’s due this week! We all went to pick up S from school and drove around looking for some non-existent UPS drop-boxes and then on our way back home I casually mentioned that you are allowed to hand the boxes to the UPS drivers.
And then we looked up and spotted the familiar brown truck speeding away in front of us! Ben immediately stepped on the gas and we took a crazy journey through the neighborhood, stalking the poor UPS man, laughing like crazy people. Well, maybe not so much the last part.
But it sounded good.
Anyways, he took it cheerfully and Ben was relieved of his burden:)
And we were entertained and had a delightful time.
And we obviously need a life. Or help.
Uncle T, Ben and the boys relaxing at Navy Pier.
Checking out the big yahts.

Practicing for a photo shoot? He’s a cutie, that one!
Ciao for now!

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